Heritageshaala ®

Heritageshaala is a bridge between the conventional and the alternative education. Walking on the path of Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning (iPBL), team Heritageshaala made it possible for conventional schools to implement out of box methodologies, elevating the learning paradigm.
Learning can only happen through experience and experience comes from keen observation and implementation. Passive Learning, as it happens in the current conventional education system, has failed at almost every level. Education must be activity-oriented, and the focus has already started shifting towards continuous assessment of the children through a plethora of challenging, inquiry, research-based activities, critical learning and most significantly ‘learning-by-doing’.
Keeping all this in mind, Heritageshaala, accepted the challenge and established a research lab to find the solution. We developed programs, that can help teachers from various subjects, to come on a common platform and teach collectively through games, experiments, and activities.

Preparing for Session 2019-20

  Special Social Science Program for CBSE Schools

Team Heritageshaala® has designed a pilot project for CBSE Schools for Session 2019-20. This program uses Social Science as a tool to train students and make learning fun. Subjects like History and Geography are used to teach more complex subjects. Click here for program details and enrolling your school.

Other Programs...

 The Interpretation Centre

Heritageshaala operates a central Interpretation centre for students, where multiple schools participate and share their learning.

 Heritage Labs

Partner Schools have independent Heritage Labs, where history inspired experiments are conducted to teach various subjects.

 Heritage Clubs

The Club is a tiny version of Lab, setup in schools, where student members exchange information and co-learn chapters of history.


An incubator for teachers to collaborate and support each other, to find better solutions to complex teaching problems.

 Card & Board Games

Heritageshaala promotes education through various board and card games, carefully designed to align with various educational boards in India.

 Teacher Training Workshops

Workshops designed for teachers from all subjects to help them develop innovative techniques of teaching.