About Us

The journey of Heritageshaala started in 2009 when its founder Vikramjit Singh Rooprai tried to find information about few monuments in Delhi. He realized that the Heritage of Delhi never received the respect it deserved. He started studying the culture and architecture of medieval buildings in Delhi and soon established The Heritage Photography Club. He also started an online portal to spread information about Delhi called www.monumentsofdelhi.com. In no time, his initiatives became popular across the globe and people started telling him, how much they loved history, but they hated the way it was taught in school. So Vikramjit decided to switch to Education and find the root cause of this problem: “Where did we go wrong in teaching history?”
After years of research, Vikramjit found that when British introduced European education system in India, the Indigenous education system was scrapped. Our ancient education system was well evolved and history played an important role in the learning about every subject. It was so advanced, that most of its practices are applicable even today. Whereas, the current conventional education system, which was developed during the Industrial Revolution has already become obsolete, in less than 2 centuries. Vikramjit, along with his team of researchers attempted to bring back the old methodologies. Since it is not possible to overnight switch to the old system, this creative team developed experiments and techniques to bridge the gap between Ancient and Current education system.


Team Heritageshaala establishes Heritage Labs and Interpretation centres in schools to make history teaching interesting. These labs and centres promote integrated learning, where interrelated topics from multiple subjects are taught together using common examples. We also conduct Heritage Field Trips and on-ground workshops, along with expert lectures and debates.

The Alternative Education Model

The oldest education system was a project-based learning system developed by the genius minds of Indus Valley Civilization. In this system, a student was initiated to the school only after proper examination and he was put to learn subjects, that would interest him. Subjects were taught via real-life experiences, poetry, and story-telling. However, with the introduction of European education system in India, this experiential learning methodology was eliminated. Even the British, who introduced this education system to India, realized soon about the damage they have done. Same was published in their reports during the late 1800s. But it was never rolled back.
Several decades ago, the world realized the shortfalls of the popular education system. It was designed during the Industrial Revolution and is perfect to deploy someone to the assembly line. But the world changed, and a new education system is desperately required. Top researchers of the world developed models that can fit this new requirement. They called it “The Alternative Education System”.
However, Indians understand that this concept of Alternative Education System is not new. It is the original education system, as developed during the Vedic Period. Unfortunately, with 315 million students studying in Indian schools, it appears practically impossible to switch back to the Vedic system overnight. That is where Heritageshaala plays an important role. .