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Card Game: Princely States of British India

Heritageshaala has developed the card game with data from 85 of the princely states of British India. These cards can be played in several ways, covering subjects like Mathematics, Language, Logic, and of course, History. The cards are designed in such a way, that children from 2 years and up, to adults can all equally enjoy these cards.

Upcoming Games
Heritagea Storybuilder

Kathakaar - The Storybuilder

Create alternate history with actual characters, trapped in imaginative setup. Beautifully illustrated cards, prepared by master artist Shashank Gautam can help a child kindle his/her creativity.


The Battle of 1857

The mutiny that turned into the First War of Indian Independence was the game changer for Indian History. Now with this board game, you get to decide the fate of it.



Learn about the Mahajanpadas using this unique board game, designed after years of research. It is based on inventions, discoveries, and events from a bygone era.



Heritagea is the parent organization of Heritageshaala, that helps us with all legal and financial matters. It was established to promote Indian culture through games, utility items, memorabilia, gift-items, sculptures, models, and other products, based on heritage. The products designed by Heritageshaala are manufactured and marketed by Heritagea.