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Princely States of British India - Card Game


  1. These cards are designed for entertainment purpose only
  2. Princely states included in this game are from the present political boundary of the Republic of India. States falling outside the border were not considered.
  3. Sikkim, though formerly an independent kingdom under the protection of the British, has been included in these cards, as it is currently part of India.
  4. The Princely States, having Gun Salutes equal to 11 or higher were included in this game. Rajgarh of Himachal Pradesh (not to be confused with Rajgarh of Madhya Pradesh) was not included due to a lack of information.
  5. Team Heritageshaala spent years trying to find accurate information about these states. However, we realized that there is no single source of data and whatever is available is highly ambiguous. We have collected information from numerous sources, and feel that there may be more to what is visible. The information presented in these cards may vary from real scenario.
  6. Information present in these cards must be considered for entertainment purposes only and should be cross-checked with other sources before being used in any academic/research work.
  7. These cards are designed to provide general knowledge to players. We do not intend to insult/disrespect/harm sentiments in any way. Should there be such a mistake in these cards, please let us know, so we can fix it.


A work of this magnitude can happen only with the support of a dedicated team. There are many unnamed heroes, who made this game possible. We thank all of them for their contribution. Following names stand out in the list:
Concept & Design Vikramjit Singh Rooprai
Core Research Nupur Bhatnagar and Jaisal Singh Chauhan
Quality Assurance Amanjot Kaur & Sartaj Kaur
Game Development Ideas Multiple contributors. Starting with the students of NWS-Ghaziabad and NIFT-Delhi