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Heritageshaala® helps schools set up Heritage Labs and also prepares teachers through its teacher training programs. You will find more details about these programs below:


The FOSSIL program of Heritageshaala aims at bringing the best out of the Social Sciences and Indic Language teachers. The 2023 edition of FOSSIL will be organized from 30 June to 2 July 2023. For more information, click here

National Heritage Championship

National Heritage Championship

Heritageshaala, in partnership with The National Museum, Delhi organized The National Heritage Championship. It was an online test, conducted on 24th November 2022. It covered Natural, Cultural, Built, and Personnel heritage of all regions of India. For the first time, the question bank was divided in such a way that each student was tested on the knowledge of his/her local region, as well as the knowledge of national heritage. For more information click here. Dates for 2023 edition will be announced soon.

Heritage Labs

The name Heritageshaala was derived from the concept of 'Heritage ki Pryogshala' (Experiment lab for Heritage). It uses the Trivium component of Hellenistic Liberal Arts pedagogy. Under this component, the three subjects of Grammer, Rhetoric, and Logic are given more weightage. In Heritage Labs, students are exposed to various challenging situations, the solution to which would come from the knowledge of some event from history. The entire batch is divided into groups and has to undergo and well-planned research cycle, after which they can find the solution. There are several games, that have been created after decade-long research, through which students can learn better. Heritage Labs not only focus on History but encapsulates all subjects, thus emerging as the ideal implementation of Integrated Learning.

Research & Study Tours

Learning cannot be confined to the walls of a building. For holistic development, the child be exposed to the outside world. The team behind Heritageshaala has been organizing research trips, study tours, and heritage exploration trips across India since 2009. These excursions are always customized according to the intellectual needs of the researchers. Sites are chosen and activities designed around them, to ensure that the young minds are kindled in the right way. In several hundred trips conducted so far, people from all walks of life have participated. While these trips remain like simple heritage walk/tour for others, for students they are purely research-excursions, where they are given certain challenges before they even embark on the journey. These challenges require an extensive amount of research, which is better done in groups. The research is not limited to simple data copied from blogs or Wikipedia. Rather participants are encouraged to challenge the common narratives and find clues to their theories based on the architecture of the site when they visit.

Teacher Training

Teachers are the foundation of any society. If a teacher is not well equipped, the capability of each pupil may not be explored to the fullest. Therefore several teacher training workshops have been designed and delivered in the past few years to help schools implement the concepts of Liberal Arts, Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning, Experiential Learning, and Multidisciplinary Learning approach. Vikramjit, along with his associates, has conducted Principal, Counsellor, and Teacher training workshops in about 20 States/UTs of India. Our Portfolio page contains many names, where Heritageshaala was able to make a difference.

Educational Games

The most effective method of teaching is through games and music. Heritageshaala has developed several activities and games that are used in Heritage Labs during teaching. While most of these are not available in the public domain, we have been able to send a few into production and make them available for the general public. More details can be found on our Games page.

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